Black Locust Quad FX Modular Unit

Black Locust Quad FX Modular Unit


IMPORTANT: this is a Eurorack Modular unit. You must have a Eurorack system in order to use it.


The Black Locust is a modification of The Harvestman’s Stillton Adapter guitar effects adapter module, albeit with increased options and a smaller panel size of 16HP. The module utilizes a system of TRS ins so the synthesist can incorporate guitar pedal FX into their modular signal path. Consequently, the module features dedicated return gain controls and a wet/dry mixing knob, allowing for fine tuning of the signal as well as for the incorporation of guitars and basses into the signal path.

To use a channel as a send/return, patch an FX pedal with a 1/4” cable with two TS mono connections on one end and TRS on the other, with the tip connected to the pedal’s output and the ring attached to the FX input. From there, the synthesist can connect 3.5mm cables to redirect the signal into their synthesizer. Conversely, connecting an unbalanced 1/4” cable allows for the direct connection of a guitar or bass into the module.


Black Locust Features:

FX Send style routing for Eurorack modular
TRS in and out with one channel
Gain staging for external instruments
Wet/Dry mix for each channel
Gain control for each channel
Provides 3.5mm inputs and outputs for units with only 1/4th" jacks


Link to watch DEMO


Donated by Austin White


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