Intellijel Plonk Modular Unit

Intellijel Plonk Modular Unit


IMPORTANT: this is a Eurorack Modular unit. You must have a Eurorack system in order to use it.


Plonk focuses on realistic percussion sounds, but it’s equally capable of creating hyperreal unearthly tones with the ability to seamlessly morph between the two. Punchy kick drums, snappy snares, shimmering chimes, and deep biting bass tones are some of Plonk’s specialties. Features

EXCITER consists of a realistic mallet model and flexible noise source.
OBJECT models strings, beams, marimbas, drumheads, membranes, and plates.
Two Voice Polyphonic at full resolution (16-bit 44.1Khz).
Selectable presets along with full parameter morphing and randomization via CV.
All synthesis parameters along with Saturation and Bitcrusher effects can be assigned to the X, Y and MOD controls.
128 user preset slots with import/export management via USB, loaded with factory presets designed by Richard Devine and AAS.


Link to watch DEMO


Donated by Austin White


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